10 Steps to Using Instagram for Businesses

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Use this quick-start guide to power your business’s Instagram account.

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  1. SET up your account using the same handle as your twitter account (if it is available). In your profile, include a link to your web site and a hashtag to use to spread the word about your location, business, product, or event.
  2. MANAGE your push notification settings so that you are notified of photo comments, likes, and friends who have joined Instagram.
  3. ESTABLISH your location on Instagram by taking a photo with Instagram, cropping and adding a cool filter, and choosing your location in the location bar. Add your primary business location to the location database if it is not already listed.
  4. CONNECT your account to all of your other social media sites in the settings menu: twitter, Facebook, tumblr, Flickr and FourSquare. Start following others and inviting friends, customers to follow you.
  5. GAIN more followers by announcing on twitter, Facebook and your own web site. Your Instagram page can be found at Instagram.com/[username]
  6. POST insider, backstage, sneak peek photos of your business, products, or events. Frame your employees and your products in a unique way. Your followers want the inside scoop.
  7. ENGAGE by asking questions in your photo captions and respond to comments by others. Comment and like the photos of others.
  8. CONDUCT research, track your photo engagement and your hashtags with tools like Web.stagram.com and
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  9. HOLD a photo contest. Choose a unique hashtag and encourage creative photo submissions of your location or products and offer recognition or prizes to the winners.
  10. ORDER coasters, magnets, postcards and other fun items with your Instagram photos on them. Here are 13 products you can make with your Instagram photos (via @mashable)


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