5 emerging trends to prepare for in 2011

With consumer behavior and the internet evolving at warp speed, 2011 is going to be another year of rapidly changing shopping behavior.

Here at CCT Advertising, our focus is on 5 to 9 brands, leisure and lifestyle brands that help people get more out of their free time. One way we do that is to track the trends that may affect the purchase habits of people during their free time. Here are some trends 5 to 9 brands will want to prepare for in the coming year:


The continuing migration of large numbers of people from rural areas to cities is one of the mega trends that leading trend watchers say will affect people across the planet in the coming year.

How does that affect CMOs of 5 to 9 brands? According to some of the leading trendwatchers, urban consumers are more daring, liberal, tolerant, experienced, and willing to trying out new products and services. Leisure marketing specialists will want to make sure your leisure products appeal to those sensibilities.

2.Pricing Pandemonium:

Mobile devices and social networks will give consumers 24/7 access to targeted offers and discounts, even when they’re at point of sale about to purchase a rival brand . We recommend leisure marketing experts target consumers with instant mobile coupons and discounts, online group discounts, flash sales, and dynamic pricing based on real-time supply and demand.

3.Planned Spontaneity:

With the increasing use of smart phones that allow people to change their plans on a whim, 2011 will see what trendwatching.com calls “planned spontaneity.”

Consumers in 2011 will rush to sign up for services (the planned part) that allow for endless and almost effortless mass mingling with friends, family, colleagues or strangers (the spontaneity part).

Watch for a whole new generation of web apps and mobile services like GeomiumLikeOurselves and Fast Society that combine social media and geo-location services in cool, new ways. And find ways to incorporate these services into your leisure marketing program.


Leisure marketing specialists can expect a rise in popularity of “eco-superior” products: products that are not only more eco-friendly, but superior to current products in every way.

Marketers of 5 to 9 brands need to think how you can combine eco-friendly features with superior functionality, superior design, and superior savings.

5.Random acts of kindness:

With the rise of social media, consumers are craving closer interactions with the 5 to 9 brands they love.

Leisure marketing specialists will want to create social promotions where you randomly pick up the tab or send a surprise gift. Use platforms like Twitter and Facebook to gain insights into your customers’ moods, and to deliver your acts of kindness.

As a Denver-based ad agency that specializes in leisure marketing, CCT is recommending our clients adapt their marketing programs to these emerging trends in 2011.  How do you foresee these trends affecting your 5 to 9 brand? What are you doing to prepare your leisure marketing plan to take advantage of these new market forces?  If you’d like to read about other trends that may emerge in the coming year, check out what Trendwatching.com is predicting for 2011.

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