A Little Nip and Tuck.

Ever wake-up and take a long hard look in the mirror? Then you realize that you and, more specifically, your company logo doesn’t have the same oomph that it did a few years ago. Maybe it was a great logo design idea at the time, but now it’s looking a little tired. Bottom line, your custom logo design doesn’t look so custom after all. All good things must come to an end. Also your long-in-the-tooth company logo can be changed, altered or enhanced.

Your decision on which way to go is based on your market’s understanding and recognition of your current logo. Or you may have changed your market focus and need a logo that is more in line with, and appealing to, your current demographics. Then you have to decide if you want a brand spanking new logo or a logo enhancement.

The logo enhancement route is exactly what our client Rainbow Rewards needed, but they just didn’t know it, yet. They came to CCT because we’re a Denver ad agency specializing in leisure marketing. They were originally looking for us to research their brand, new strategies on reaching their audience. Tom started with a few brand strategy meetings with the client. He hammered out the strategic directions. Got client approval. With the strategic directions under their arms, Cam and Chase, our CD and ACD, worked on creative executions. Cam ended up make some changes on their logo to visually work with the new creative direction. The client was really happy with the creative executions but she liked what Cam did to their logo. So off we go, not only we’re refreshing their brand but added a logo enhancement project.

We strongly feel that a logo is similar to your own hand-written signature. Very you and only you. That is how we first approached this logo project. We started by exploring typography. Our criteria was to find a contemporary typeface and available for the clients internal needs. Having the client’s name in initial caps instead of lowercase indicates that the brand had grown up. Readability is very important aspect; it has to work from a business card to billboard. Mission accomplished with the new typeface.

Onto the rainbow symbol! We explored various configurations, some successful, some not so much. But going through that process, we decided to refine the “rainbow” logo by just adding a perspective to it. We also created a more contemporary Logo/Name relationship. We then created 2 – Logo/Name/Tagline configurations. These configurations help with name recognition by having it be more of a focal point.

And now, color! Rainbow Rewards, kinda conjures up some colors, right? Well, if know us at CCT we go for the unexpected. Our client needed to stand out in the marketplace and not appear as an “eco/save the blank” organization.

Once we got all that done and approved, we designed a spiffy brand and graphic standards book for them. During this re-branding process Rainbow Rewards was also working on a new website. We work closely with Guiceworks (http://www.guiceworks.com) as the logo/colors evolved. Take a look at: http://www.rainbowrewards.com

You might want to join up and start saving some bucks so you can get that new spiffy logo.

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