AAA Colorado blog draws laughs & visitors

Last week CCT launched a new blog for AAA. Within days of its introduction, the blog had attracted hundreds of visitors, thanks in part to the popularity of Chad Lumberg, the author of the site, and star of AAA Colorado’s 2012 television campaign.

AAA Colorado and CCT created Chad to remind folks that while lots of  businesses offer towing as an add-on service, few have the expertise or experience that AAA Colorado brings to every call. And to start a conversation about the need for roadside assistance with Millennials.

Chad’s Big Tow features hilarious blog and video posts by Chad on a variety of towing-related subjects.

In one post he explains how to jump start a car, and refers to a recent service call he made  where his carelessness with jumper cables burned off his eyebrows. To save himself from embarrassment, he used a magic marker to draw them back on.

In another post, Chad makes the case for why his scooter, which runs on a powerful 2-stroke engine (“the same engine,”  he tells us,” that today’s most powerful leaf blowers use”) is better than a AAA tow truck.

Every week, Chad also uploads a new video featuring another scene from his life as a pizza delivery and towing guy living out of the basement of his parent’s house.

In one recent video, he siphons gas from his parent’s car to take with him on a service call, and ends up getting a mouthful from…well we’ll let you watch and see.

In another video, he creates a video resume to AAA, and follows up with several rejection letters and, finally, a cease and desist letter from AAA’s lawyers.

While Chad’s advice is the stuff of comedy clubs rather than motor clubs, he does often link to content from AAA and AAA Colorado visitors who are searching for information on roadside assistance tips will find valuable.

For instance, Chad ended a recent post on driver safety with a link to a AAA guide to teen driver safety.

You can check out Chad’s Big Tow here. He answers questions from his fans on a daily basis, so during your visit try to stump him with your towing-related question.

You can learn more about the benefits of a AAA Colorado membership at their website.

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