About Us

PILGRIM is a leading positioning and image advertising firm for health and wellness brands. We help public wellness causes, healthcare, and insurance brands build top-down, creative and media campaigns that transform how they connect with customers, patients and the public.

We’re on a mission to put the heart back into health + wellness advertising.

Today, health and wellness brands are expected to continually launch innovations and new technologies. It’s cost of entry to keep pace with shifting consumer attitudes and public policy changes. However, we guide our clients to resist the temptation to merely delivering dazzling facts, in order to avoid becoming a commodity, and instead lead with the heart.
There is solid science backing this premise. Columbia Business School Professor and author of “The Art of Choosing”, Sheena Iyengar talks about the cultural, social, and biological forces that make up the process of decision-making. Psychologist and Harvard Professor, Shawn Achor, speaks about how cultivating the right emotional state enables our brains to first believe in, and then achieve, new realities that had previously not been perceived as possible. And, widely published leadership expert, Simon Sinek, implores us to begin any sales messaging with heartfelt reasons for why you sell what you sell rather than logical descriptions of what you are selling.
If you are a public wellness cause, hospital, treatment center, clinic, insurance company, or consider yourself to be in the health and wellness competitive space, we would love the opportunity to show you how our expertise translates to success for our clients.

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