Are you a PANK?

One of the travel and tourism industry trends for 2014 will be targeting a new demographic, coined PANKs, by Melanie Notkin, founder of Savvy Auntie.PANKs stands for “Professional Aunts, No Kids”, but is not limited to Aunts only. A PANK is any woman with a special bond with a child who is not their own. This could be a cousin, family friend, neighbor, etc. PANKs are becoming a highly targeted demographic for a number of reasons. Here are just a few…..

  1.  There are many PANKs – roughly 1 in 5 American women are considered a PANK, which equates to 23 million women.
  2. These ladies have influence over the kids’ in their lives and play active role models to them.
  3. PANKs are digitally savvy, they enjoy using social media, researching online and are well connected.
  4. And, PANKs are everywhere. They are not limited to one region in the United States, and they live in rural, urban and suburban areas.
Moms have been a large target audience to marketers for years…. this is another subgroup of women who are quite an appealing demographic. Weber Shandwick partnered with Savvy Auntie and created “The PANK Engagement Guide” featuring tips on how to engage this new segment of women. Take a look:


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