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Google’s Newest Mobile-Friendly Update: Are You Ready?

Google Mobile Update

Mobile search has revolutionized the way a lot of us find information and make day-to-day decisions. And Google’s latest update to its search algorithm is recognizing this trend. As of late April, the search giant is now emphasizing results that it determines to be more “mobile friendly” in its search results, which could spell big changes in traffic for thousands of sites.

Three ‘Trends Behind The Trends’ for 2015

There are lots of 2015 predictions out there. Some are obvious. Some not so much. As 2015 rolls on, we look beyond the trends already gaining momentum to ask what the bigger story might be. What will set the leading brands apart from the rest in the minds of consumers in the coming year? We see three big ‘trends behind the trends’ that we think will impact both consumers and brands throughout the year ahead.

Michelle Roche joins PILGRIM as Account Service Director.

Michelle RochePILGRM is pleased to announce that Michelle Roche has joined the agency as Account Service Director.  A twenty-five-year veteran of the advertising industry, Michelle brings a wealth of experience and account service leadership skills to the PILGRIM team.

The Business Case for Creativity

For years, advertising agencies have sought out, valued, and fiercely competed for awards and recognition for their creativity. They’ve sometimes been criticized for their pursuit of creative awards, under the assumption that business results should come first. Has anything changed? Could a focus on creativity be a new driver of business success? Several studies, and business leaders, seem to think so.

Storytelling at the 2014 Colorado Governor’s Tourism Conference

Storytelling was a major theme at this year’s Colorado Governor’s Tourism Conference. The annual gathering attracted members of the state’s $17 billion tourism industry, for discussions, training and networking. Judging from the content of several presentations, the concept of storytelling could be playing a bigger role in how travel brands market themselves.

Wearable Tech: Why it will be as important as mobile.

SNL Google Glass Skit
It wasn’t that long ago that the arrival of the personal computer changed just about every aspect of our personal and business lives. The Internet did the same thing not much later, on a bigger scale. Now we’re told that we’re in the Post-PC era, with our smart phones and tablets keeping us constantly connected.

What’s next? According to many sources, we’re about to enter a new era where our mobile devices will become smaller, smarter, and hyper-aware. It’s being called the Wearable Era.

Wyoming Campaign Receives REACH Award

REACH Awards 2013

During National Travel & Tourism Week, the Wyoming Office of Tourism honored PILGRIM client Cody Beers with a prestigious REACH Award this week.   

SoLoMo: Buzzword or Real Trend?

Have you been hearing about this buzzword yet? SoLoMo is a term coined by venture capitalist John Doerr

Gamification: The latest and greatest

Badges are a popular concept in gamification.

Gamification (the use of game design mechanics applied to marketing) has gotten a lot of attention lately.  

PILGRIM Grabs 5 at Denver 50

The 2013 Denver 50 Show

PILGRIM creative campaigns again grabbed five of the awards in the annual Denver 50 show.

Digital Marketing Conference

CCT staffers recently attended the 2012 edition of digital marketing conference BOLO, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Monica Kurtz New Director of Digital

We are pleased to announce that Monica Kurtz has joined the agency.  

Google Analytics. A Great App Gets Better

Google Analytics

Web apps have become a ubiquitous part of our daily online routine.