Beyond Banners

We’re all familiar with traditional banner ads.  The 728×90 leaderboard, 300×250 medium rectangle and the 160×600 skyscraper to name a few.  But what else is out there?  What can an advertiser pull out of the toolbox to stand out from the clutter and get noticed?  Here’s a top line overview of a few of the media options in use today.

Site take-overs.  An advertiser typically takes up the entire page inventory and may actually change the page or include other rich media ad components to “own” the page.

Wallpapers.  The advertiser changes the background of the page being viewed.

Skins.  Similar to wallpaper, a skin allows a graphic to surround the outside of a page.

Floating ads. Ads that float or move across the screen generally “fly” around the page for 5-30 seconds.

Spongecell: Spongecell enables advertisers to run rich media creative units on any website on any placement in any size dramatically increasing interactivity.

Video.  Online video is the fastest growing ad format in the digital space.  Pre-Roll videos run prior to selected publisher content while in banner video allows content to be placed outside of video environments and into sections of sites that are text based.

Text ads.  Text ads run within content that is editorially relevant to the message and reaches a narrowly defined user group.

Social Media Placements.  Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter all offer unique ways to engage with their audiences.  Audiences are chosen by location, age and interests and daily budgets may be set at nearly any level.

Email.  Push emails are like the traditional direct mail campaign.  Buy a list and send out a promotional message to targets based on location, demographics or interests.  Pull emails maintain and build relationships with existing or potential customers that have requested it.  E-Newsletters are commonly included in this group.

There are about as many different ways to use online as there are stars in the sky.  If you can imagine it, you can probably do it – budget permitting. You may want to explore location marketing, directory listings, printable map ads, appvertising (ads placed on frequently downloaded apps), or even text messaging.  Don’t be afraid to think out of the box, the sky really is the limit!

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