Putting the heart before the head.

Start with the heart.

As an advertising firm that works with health and wellness brands, it can be easy to get caught up in the heady technologies, treatment strategies, and impressive success stories that our clients can rightfully boast. Health and wellness companies are living in an age where providing new innovations, regularly, doesn’t constitute bragging rights, it’s practically required just to keep pace with shifting consumer attitudes and public policy changes.

Naturally, when you’re working so hard to deliver innovative technologies and unique customer experiences to serve them up, you want to talk about it. Surely, if people just knew what your company offered it would logically sway them to choose your brand, right? Well, not exactly. At least not in the way you might think. Like delivering any effective punch line, it’s all about timing. You can’t just blurt out the punch line before telling the joke, because, well, that just wouldn’t be funny. If funny is what you want, you have to take the time to bring your audience along before hitting them with the big conclusion.

Your advertising works much the same.

Go Play Outside: How Getting Kids Outdoors is Healthy for All Of Us.


What’s so great about the great outdoors?

During the long hot summers growing up in Ohio, my sister and I would watch cartoons in the mornings for as long as our parents would allow. We would inevitably grow restless, push each other’s buttons, and generally cause trouble until our mom would command, in her I’m-at-the-end-of-my-rope voice, “Go play outside!”

And we did. For hours and hours. Sometimes she wouldn’t see us until after Kick the Can wrapped at 10 pm. Other times she would bring us snacks in the woods down by the river behind our house and catch us playing “Explorers”; I was always Francisco Pizarro.

Mom didn’t make us play outside because it was good for our health, though. She just wanted us out of her hair. But what we know now is that those three words, go play outside, are the most important three words you could say to a child. (Ok maybe second place after, “I love you”.)

Internet Radio Options


Most everyone is familiar with Pandora these days – an internet radio service that lets you create your own radio stations that play only the music you like.

While Pandora has the largest share of internet radio listening, Spotify is gaining ground – particularly among teens and younger audiences – and many other contenders are out there including iHeart Radio, Slacker and TuneIn.

Media Lab: New Ideas From Ad Yapper, Integral Ad Science and Conde Nast.

The Media Lab

Every year the PILGRIM media team evaluates hundreds of new media vendors and opportunities. This month we put a spotlight on Ad Yapper, Integral Ad Science and other partners.

Time Shifted Viewing Overtaking Live TV


As technology continues to evolve, TV viewing is becoming more impacted. Recent research shows that up to 53% of consumers now prefer to stream TV content rather than watching live TV. This trend is strongest among Millennials and younger viewers, however, it does occur across all demographics. Of course, this is due to a range of technology options and not just DVRs. In fact, while only 34% of households report DVR usage, Video on Demand, TV Everywhere and Internet TV (Over-The-Top content) all combine to impact the time shifted viewing numbers.

Media Definition of the Month: Out of Home

Defining moments

Media has a language all its own, with terminology that doesn’t always make sense to other marketing professionals. So on a regular basis, members of our media department are taking a few of those words and defining them for us. This month we define Out of Home and other media terms that everyone’s heard of, but few people outside of the media department understand.

Do Digital Outdoor Boards Make Sense?

Digital outdoor boards are becoming increasingly more common throughout the U.S. and offer an array of attributes that make them appealing to outdoor advertisers. One of the biggest advantages is that digital boards offer dynamic content. That means that advertisers can change messages quickly and inexpensively.

Marketing From the Inside Out

Inside Out Marketing

Billions are invested in advertising and marketing each year, in an effort to change perceptions and increase the bottom line. No marketing pro worth their salt would spend so many dollars and hours making and placing ads that tout less hassle, more choices or personal customer service without also ensuring staff was ready to respond, right? You might be surprised.

Google’s Newest Mobile-Friendly Update: Are You Ready?

Google Mobile Update

Mobile search has revolutionized the way a lot of us find information and make day-to-day decisions. And Google’s latest update to its search algorithm is recognizing this trend. As of late April, the search giant is now emphasizing results that it determines to be more “mobile friendly” in its search results, which could spell big changes in traffic for thousands of sites.

The Evolution of Wearables

Apple Watch

Wearable Technology is a rapidly expanding category of hi-tech devices that can be physically worn by a consumer. With the ultimate goal of weaving technology seamlessly into our everyday lives, wearables literally keep technology at our fingertips. This category includes clothing and accessories that incorporate advanced computer technology like Google Glass, Android Wear and the Nike FuelBand. And, while there may be no limits to the future growth of the industry, the most recent addition to the category is creating a lot of buzz even though it may not be bringing a whole lot of new functionality to the table.

What Does Your Archetype Say About You and Your Brand?

Image courtesy Michel Jansen’s, “Brand Prototyping”.

If you took Psychology 101 back in the day, you might recall a Swiss chap named Carl Jung who wrote extensively about dream symbolism, the collective unconscious and a cool thing called, “Archetypes”. Turns out, understanding more about archetypes, can help us understand a lot more about ourselves and why we choose the companies and brands we do.

PILGRIM Hires Gordy Hirsch as Associate Creative Director

Gordy Hirsch, Associate Creative Director

Gordy Hirsch recently joined PILGRIM as Associate Creative Director, bringing with him a pedigree of award-winning work, strong art direction and design skills, and a talent for coming up with ideas that create a flurry of buzz. Gordy will be working across all accounts and projects, ensuring inventive solutions and flawless executions.

Your Six Year Old Is Learning to Code. Shouldn’t You Be Too?

While ‘coding’ and ‘programming’ can seem like scary concepts, better left in the capable hands of developers and computer scientists, the truth is these activities are becoming more and more relevant for the general population. A recent blog post from Ali Askinas at Yashi highlights this growing trend. As a Millennial, Askinas grew up using computers for educational, entertainment and social purposes. Laptop, smartphone and social media use became second nature. She couldn’t grasp why her grandparents struggled so much with the computer, when it seemed so simple and intuitive to her. As she began to reflect on the technological habits of kids growing up today, she wondered what would seem inherent to them in the future that would stump current professionals. Her answer? Coding.

Super Bowl XLIX – What Will It Take to Engage Viewers?


The Super Bowl—or more descriptively: the biggest marketing event of the year—generates a lot of hype among Americans. The game itself is supposedly the main event, but the advertising has become a bigger point of interest for many. So, what will it take for advertisers to provoke consumer engagement this Sunday?

Three ‘Trends Behind The Trends’ for 2015

There are lots of 2015 predictions out there. Some are obvious. Some not so much. As 2015 rolls on, we look beyond the trends already gaining momentum to ask what the bigger story might be. What will set the leading brands apart from the rest in the minds of consumers in the coming year? We see three big ‘trends behind the trends’ that we think will impact both consumers and brands throughout the year ahead.

Top 15 Campaigns Since Y2K

Ad Age Top 15

The campaigns that are developed in the ad world are judged day-in and day-out by public opinion generated from the hundreds of thousands of people that are exposed to our messages as well as by the results we drive for our clients. Because of this, the advertising community also strives to continually challenge itself to break out of the norm, impact culture and open doors for brands.

Pinterest: poised to change the way we search?

Like many social networking sites, it’s not hard to lose hours at a time on the ever-popular Pinterest. This “social scrapbooking service” is where users go to browse ideas for a project or interest, hand-picked by people with interests similar to their own. Just about anything can be Pinned, organized into Pin boards and shared. Cofounders Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp started this soon-to-be social giant in March of 2010.  Although still in its early years, according to a recent Forbes article, Pinterest already sports a $5 billion valuation and a revenue model that puts Facebook and Twitter to shame.

Michelle Roche joins PILGRIM as Account Service Director.

Michelle RochePILGRM is pleased to announce that Michelle Roche has joined the agency as Account Service Director.  A twenty-five-year veteran of the advertising industry, Michelle brings a wealth of experience and account service leadership skills to the PILGRIM team.

The Truth About CTR

Truth About CTR_Robot

Click-Thru-Rate (CTR) is one of the easiest measurements to track in an online campaign and is often used as a benchmark to gauge success – especially for brand awareness campaigns that aren’t specifically trying to drive online sales. However, CTR usually doesn’t tell the whole story and research shows that optimizing to clicks may actually be detrimental.

Media Definition of the Month: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Defining moments

Media has a language all its own, with terminology that doesn’t always make sense to other marketing professionals. So on a regular basis, members of our media department are taking a few of those words and defining them for us. This month we define search engine optimization and other media terms that everyone’s heard of, but few people outside of the media department understand.