Digital Marketing Conference

CCT staffers recently attended the 2012 edition of digital marketing conference BOLO, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here are a few of the top takeaways from what was a very thought-provoking conference:

We heard from author Jonathan Fields, Author of Uncertainty, who talked about using findings from the field of cognitive science to enhance creativity and productivity. What does he say we should all be doing? Moving more, being mindful, and sleeping, among other things.

We heard from Christian Jacobsen & Damien Eley of Mistress Creative, who presented an amazing case study on the “Hot Wheels For Real” campaign. The campaign radically updated the aging brand using an entertainment-based, online storytelling approach, involving a mythical Hot Wheels test facility in the desert, and actual events like the X-Games. Pretty engaging way to connect with a young demographic.

We heard several talks on the topic of content marketing, including a great session from Robert Rose of Big Blue Moose. He pointed out forms of content marketing that have been around for decades, and presented methods to help agencies provide better content strategies for their clients. Another eye-opening example of the rising importance of content marketing is from the Coca-Cola Company. If you’ve never seen Jonathan Mildenhall’s “Content 2020” video, it’s a glimpse of the future, and well worth a look.

One of the most memorable presentations was from Jay Baer, on the topic of what he calls “YOUtility.” Jay pointed out his belief that the face of marketing needs to change from “selling something” to “helping someone.” Jay challenged marketers to move beyond selling, truly discover their customers’ needs, then figure out how to actually help them. Actually makes sense, right?  There were great examples of companies pulling it off, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Charmin, for instance, with it’s “Sit Or Squat” mobile app, or Hilton with it’s Twitter-enabled Hilton Help squad.

Did you attend BOLO this year? What were your favorite nuggets?

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