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Marketing From the Inside Out

Inside Out Marketing

Billions are invested in advertising and marketing each year, in an effort to change perceptions and increase the bottom line. No marketing pro worth their salt would spend so many dollars and hours making and placing ads that tout less hassle, more choices or personal customer service without also ensuring staff was ready to respond, right? You might be surprised.

What Does Your Archetype Say About You and Your Brand?

Image courtesy Michel Jansen’s, “Brand Prototyping”.

If you took Psychology 101 back in the day, you might recall a Swiss chap named Carl Jung who wrote extensively about dream symbolism, the collective unconscious and a cool thing called, “Archetypes”. Turns out, understanding more about archetypes, can help us understand a lot more about ourselves and why we choose the companies and brands we do.

Your Six Year Old Is Learning to Code. Shouldn’t You Be Too?

While ‘coding’ and ‘programming’ can seem like scary concepts, better left in the capable hands of developers and computer scientists, the truth is these activities are becoming more and more relevant for the general population. A recent blog post from Ali Askinas at Yashi highlights this growing trend. As a Millennial, Askinas grew up using computers for educational, entertainment and social purposes. Laptop, smartphone and social media use became second nature. She couldn’t grasp why her grandparents struggled so much with the computer, when it seemed so simple and intuitive to her. As she began to reflect on the technological habits of kids growing up today, she wondered what would seem inherent to them in the future that would stump current professionals. Her answer? Coding.

Super Bowl XLIX – What Will It Take to Engage Viewers?


The Super Bowl—or more descriptively: the biggest marketing event of the year—generates a lot of hype among Americans. The game itself is supposedly the main event, but the advertising has become a bigger point of interest for many. So, what will it take for advertisers to provoke consumer engagement this Sunday?

Three ‘Trends Behind The Trends’ for 2015

There are lots of 2015 predictions out there. Some are obvious. Some not so much. As 2015 rolls on, we look beyond the trends already gaining momentum to ask what the bigger story might be. What will set the leading brands apart from the rest in the minds of consumers in the coming year? We see three big ‘trends behind the trends’ that we think will impact both consumers and brands throughout the year ahead.

Top 15 Campaigns Since Y2K

Ad Age Top 15

The campaigns that are developed in the ad world are judged day-in and day-out by public opinion generated from the hundreds of thousands of people that are exposed to our messages as well as by the results we drive for our clients. Because of this, the advertising community also strives to continually challenge itself to break out of the norm, impact culture and open doors for brands.

The Business Case for Creativity

For years, advertising agencies have sought out, valued, and fiercely competed for awards and recognition for their creativity. They’ve sometimes been criticized for their pursuit of creative awards, under the assumption that business results should come first. Has anything changed? Could a focus on creativity be a new driver of business success? Several studies, and business leaders, seem to think so.

Experiential Marketing: How even small events can make a big impact.

PILGRIM employees recently helped reenact a classic video game race in Downtown Denver. Not only was it an entertaining event, it was also a very clever marketing stunt.

The race was a perfect example of “Experiential Marketing”, also known as engagement marketing, or participation marketing: where consumers are invited and encouraged to participate first hand in the evolution of a brand. 

Ever wonder if your traditional media buy is still working?

TVs With Test Patterns

These days we often hear this question from clients: “Does traditional media still work?”

Traditional media refers to all means of communication that existed before the advent of the Internet.   Old, yes, but obsolete ? Let’s look at the facts.

10 internet trends that will rock your marketing world

Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker, legendary Morgan Stanley internet analyst and current partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers recently delivered her annual State of the Internet presentation at the Code conference in California.

How the end of Net Neutrality could affect Madison Avenue

As the internet carries more and more data-heavy content, carriers like AT&T and Verizon are turning to marketers and their advertising agencies to cover the higher costs.

Storyscaping: Stories. Evolved.

imgStoryScapingHeroStorytelling is defined as the sharing of events with words, images, sounds, and/or experiences, sometimes with improvisation or embellishment. As advertisers, we leverage stories to drive behavior. Sometimes, we use other stories as inspiration; other times, we create brand new stories.

The best World Cup ads of all time

The World Cup is finally underway! An estimated 4 billion viewers will tune in to the matches whether they’re on television, mobile or digital. Let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable World Cup ads from years past.

Does advertising still drive sales?

As seen on TV signMore than a quarter century ago a famous study titled How Advertising Works found that advertising doubled long-term sales of products compared to sales of the product in the first few weeks of an ad campaign. But is that still true today?

Fox News Vs. Fox TV: Do you know the difference?


Fox News and FOX TV are often confused or thought to be one and the same.  Here is a quick primer to help identify the differences:

Programmatic Buying: A New Way to Crunch the Media Numbers

Programmatic buying

Ever heard the phrase ‘programmatic buying’? It’s a fast-growing part of the buying and selling of online media. 

Real-time Bidding Enjoying Unreal Growth

Real-time bidding

After only three years, real-time bidding has become a catalyst for tremendous growth in display advertising.  It began by extending technology and placement strategies from search and applying them across the Web to display.  Yet there is a growing sense that the real-time bidding revolution has not lived up to its potential.

PILGRIM helps put Colorado’s new health insurance marketplace on the map

Connect for Health Colorado Baseball Ad

When PILGRIM began working with Connect for Health Colorado in late 2012, most people had never heard of the state’s new health insurance marketplace, and even fewer understood what a healthcare exchange was.

New CollegeInvest Website Improves Navigation, Mobile Access

CollegeInvest Home Page


As Colorado’s tax-exempt 529 college savings program, the majority of CollegeInvest’s enrollments come through its website.  Yet over the years the organization had added more and more content to the site, and prospective enrollees, especially grandparents, found it increasingly difficult to navigate.

Moving Beyond CTR

Computer mouse

Using search engines to find information is now second nature for most of us and serves an explicit and immediate need.  There is a clear reason for making the search and we all have a clear end result in mind.