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Super Bowl XLIX – What Will It Take to Engage Viewers?


The Super Bowl—or more descriptively: the biggest marketing event of the year—generates a lot of hype among Americans. The game itself is supposedly the main event, but the advertising has become a bigger point of interest for many. So, what will it take for advertisers to provoke consumer engagement this Sunday?

Top 15 Campaigns Since Y2K

Ad Age Top 15

The campaigns that are developed in the ad world are judged day-in and day-out by public opinion generated from the hundreds of thousands of people that are exposed to our messages as well as by the results we drive for our clients. Because of this, the advertising community also strives to continually challenge itself to break out of the norm, impact culture and open doors for brands.

Pinterest: poised to change the way we search?

Like many social networking sites, it’s not hard to lose hours at a time on the ever-popular Pinterest. This “social scrapbooking service” is where users go to browse ideas for a project or interest, hand-picked by people with interests similar to their own. Just about anything can be Pinned, organized into Pin boards and shared. Cofounders Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp started this soon-to-be social giant in March of 2010.  Although still in its early years, according to a recent Forbes article, Pinterest already sports a $5 billion valuation and a revenue model that puts Facebook and Twitter to shame.

Experiential Marketing: How even small events can make a big impact.

PILGRIM employees recently helped reenact a classic video game race in Downtown Denver. Not only was it an entertaining event, it was also a very clever marketing stunt.

The race was a perfect example of “Experiential Marketing”, also known as engagement marketing, or participation marketing: where consumers are invited and encouraged to participate first hand in the evolution of a brand. 

LinkedIn: Evolving Into Something Bigger.

LinkedIn-Content Marketing

Until recently, LinkedIn always seemed to be an underdog in the social media world, often being overlooked and branded as merely a “recruiting website”. But in recent years, businesses have begun effectively using LinkedIn as a content-based marketing tool, and the “underdog” is beginning to evolve into something that is proving to be extremely beneficial to advertisers.

Creating a Different Kind of Holiday Cheer Through Social Media

Kegs with Legs 1

How do you break through the holiday clutter without breaking your holiday budget? The PILGRIM digital and creative teams decided to raise awareness for an annual industry event hosted by PILGRIM using an unconventional campaign concept that utilized social media as its primary medium.

Tracking Consumer Behavior With Wearable Technology


There is a lot of buzz in the industry around wearable technology and the ability to track consumer behavior. So, what exactly is wearable technology? Wearable technology includes clothing and accessories incorporating a computer and/or advanced electronic technologies. These technologies can be used to capture, measure and analyze a number of pieces of information, including movement, biometrics, pressure, density, time, temperature, calories, location, light, sound and much more.

Are you ready for Real Time Marketing?


Real-time marketing is the capability to respond to your target audience immediately, as an event is occurring. Brands that do real-time marketing participate “on-the-fly”, developing and refining their campaigns on an almost moment-by-moment basis.

It’s 2013. Do you know where your internet is?

Social Media in 2013
The Internet and social media are always changing at break-neck speed. Even the “gurus” have to keep an eye on the quickly emerging… and disappearing trends.

The magazine reinvented.

Digital magazines on Tablet“Tablet is a 3-in-1 product, it’s the best of magazine, it’s the best of television, and it’s the best of online.” – Jeff Barlow, Sr. Director, Marketing Solutions & Innovation, Rogers

Tablet is another space in which consumers are consuming media and the key medium magazines are headed towards.

Snapchat: How Brands Share a Moment

Snapchat and businesses

“Within a few months of launching, the company has made an enormous and lasting impact on the culture of communication and the Internet- and we should all be grateful.” -Tarun Wadhwa, Forbes contributor

The Single Greatest Marketing Tent Pole on the Planet


Brands like VISA, Adidas and Nike are debuting World Cup ads six months before the first game. Just how big of stage are these brands playing on? According to Mike Mikho at Ad Week, “The World Cup is the single greatest marketing tent pole on the planet.” And with last year’s Super Bowl reaching 108 million viewers compared to the World Cup at 3.2 billion (2010 viewership), he makes a very valid point.

What’s everyone Vine’ing about?

Vine - What's it all about?

So, what is Vine? Vine is the new video sharing iOS app that Twitter released at the end of January.

10 Steps to Using Instagram for Businesses

Golden Instagram

#GoldenCO Search on Instagram

Use this quick-start guide to power your business’s Instagram account.

Bringing a classic ad campaign back to life: The Grey Poupon story

Grey Poupon "The Lost Footage" TV spot

After a 16-year hiatus, Grey Poupon launched a new TV spot that aired during the Oscars last Sunday night, reimagining the infamous “Pardon Me” spot from decades ago.

Gamification: The latest and greatest

Badges are a popular concept in gamification.

Gamification (the use of game design mechanics applied to marketing) has gotten a lot of attention lately.  

Super Bowl Ads in a Social World

It used to be that marketing-savvy TV viewers got as much enjoyment out of watching the Super Bowl ads as they did the big game itself.

How to Make $1 Billion in 18 Months

Ever wonder what big idea you could come up with to make it big? 

Social Media and the London Olympics

The International Olympic Committee hyped the 2012 Summer Olympics as the “World’s First Social Games”