The Journey Begins: CCT is Now PILGRIM

PILGRIM Advertising

An ad agency should be defined by its philosophy, not its founders. So effective today, we’re changing our name from CCT Advertising to PILGRIM.

As we enter our second decade of service, we will focus exclusively on Journey Brands, brands that transport or transform you. Many Journey Brands fall into the Travel, Leisure and Outdoor Rec categories, but you’ll also find them in the Health, Wellness, Education, Financial and Restaurant categories as well.

Why PILGRIM? A pilgrim is a person willing to travel great distances in a quest for personal renewal. Since our founding, we’ve been helping pilgrims find their way to the places, pastimes and personal activities that renew and refresh them.

In addition to our name, you may notice a few other changes around here. We just finished remodeling our offices. We have a brand new website. Our business cards look different. And we’re answering the phone a little differently.

Some things won’t change. We’re still at the same address. We’ll still offer the same smart ideas from the same smart people. Chris and Tom still own the agency.

One more thing. We’ll continue to use the latest mass media, digital and social tools to help people understand why your brand is worth the journey.


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