Constructive Criticism or Destructive Journalism?

A little constructive criticism is usually a good thing, right?  As advertising professionals we pride ourselves on having the toughest of hides so believe me, we’re used to it.  Nonetheless, we did find ourselves scratching our own heads after reading Westword’s bombastic critique of our 2 Hour Vacation campaign for the City of Golden this week.  I mean, we can take having our work compared to the Marmaduke comic strip. Slightly juvenile, but who doesn’t like Marmaduke at some level?

But reading that our campaign left Westword blogger Jef Otte feeling “baffled and vaguely upset” seemed a bit puzzling.  Evidently, he and the rest of Westword’s editorial staff spent over an hour trying to figure out what it really meant. A true brain trust if we’ve ever heard of one.

Hmmm.  We’re pretty sure this ain’t rocket science.  Those four-word headlines seemed pretty clear to us.  And based on the results the campaign’s garnered over the last 5 years, we’re guessing they’ve been pretty clear to folks in Denver as well.  In reality, most will probably take the time to finish shaving before heading out kayak in hand, but we think there are plenty of intelligent people out there interested in visiting Golden on the spur of the moment or, dare we say, for a 2 Hour Vacation.

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