Creating a Different Kind of Holiday Cheer Through Social Media

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How do you break through the holiday clutter without breaking your holiday budget? The PILGRIM digital and creative teams decided to raise awareness for an annual industry event hosted by PILGRIM using an unconventional campaign concept that utilized social media as its primary medium.

The goal was simple:  Get the local ad community buzzing about a sparsely attended event at a time of year when even the popular ones can get lost in a sea of holiday parties.  The solution was to create a “Holiday Mashup”, a party that combined popular holidays and their icons in new and unusual ways, and publicize the event using mostly social media and digital channels.
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The campaign launched with a 3D custom die-cut mailer featuring a hybrid Santa Clause/Easter Bunny, and a post in the Denver Egotist, a local industry blog, explaining the concept behind the Holiday Mashup event.  The agency then made a life-size Santa Bunny standee,and took it to agencies across the city, where it posed for photos (later posted on Istagram) with creative directors and presidents at each of the agencies. Following the initial launch and each week leading up to the event, the agency released a new Facebook post and email with a link to a different downloadable “mashup” music mix.


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The Holiday Mashup event itself featured an actual Santa Bunny mascot, a well-known local DJ playing “holiday mash ups”, and various photo opportunities with other mashed up holiday icons.


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The results? The Instagram photo Facebook posts reached over 1,000 people, and the email campaign had a 59% open rate and a 10% click through rate. Over 1,000 people downloaded the music mixes and attendance at the event was up 50% over the previous industry gala.



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