Media Definition of the Month: Post Impression Activity.

Defining moments

Media has a language all its own, with terminology that doesn’t always make sense to other marketing professionals. So on a regular basis, members of our media department are taking a few of those words and defining them for us.  This month we define post impression activity and other media terms that everyone’s heard of, but few people outside of the media department understand.
  • Post impression Activity: The number of users who are served an online ad and go directly to the website without clicking on the ad.
  • Post Click Activity: The number of users who are served an online ad, click on it, and then interact with the site.
  • Viewable Impressions: Online display impressions that had a minimum of 50% of pixels in view for a minimum of 1 second. This aims to track only impressions that can actually be seen by users vs ads loaded onto the bottom of a page that a user never scrolls down to see.
  • ReTargeting or ReMarketing: A cookie-based technology that keeps track of people who visit your site and allows an online ad to be served to them as they visit other sites across the web.
  • Visit Rate: The percentage of prospects reached who actually visit the website.
  • New Reach Rate: The percentage of online visitors who are new to a website.
  • Rating Point: An estimate of the size of a specific audience expressed as a percent of the audience universe.  IE:  If a program delivers a 5 rating among A25-54, it is reaching 5% of the A25-54 population.
  • Gross Rating Points (GRPs):  The totalof all rating points purchased for a specific audience in a media schedule.  Often used interchangeably with TRP (Target Rating Point).
  • Impressions: The total number of people who have been exposed to an advertising message.  This number includes duplication.  IE: If Susan is exposed to a message 5 times and Anne is exposed to the same message 7 times, the campaign has delivered 12 total impressions.
  • MSA: Metropolitan Statistical Area.  A geographic area defined by the US Government’s Office of Management. Represents a contiguous geographic area with a relatively high population density along with those counties which have strong economic and social relationships.
  • DMA: Designated Market Area. A geographic area defined and updated by Nielsen Media Research based on historical TV viewing patterns.  Each county is assigned exclusively to one DMA depending on which stations make up the majority of their TV viewing.

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