Facebook reaches across the pond.

Although we’re a Denver based ad agency, here at CCT Advertising, we like to keep our collective ears to the ground as to what is happening in the whole world of social media. This week, it seems as though the Queen of England has started, yes, a Facebook page––the final frontier of the Royal Family’s foray into digital technology. The Royals already have Twitter, Flikr and YouTube accounts.

Her Majesty’s interests are listed as ‘hunting, fishing and being God blessed. But could her corgis be her only friends? Perhaps, because commoners like ourselves are not allowed to “friend” her majesty or “poke” her. There’s a joke about poking the Queen here, but we’d rather not end up in the Tower of London. The leisure marketing specialists who run our agency would say that’s a no no.

But why is all of this relevant? Alongside postings of support from monarchists, the profile has become the focus of comments from anti-royalists as well as Argentinians angry about the ongoing dispute over the Falkland Islands, Cornish nationalists and republicans. Yes, this is what Facebook is all about. Dialogue. Something so many brands are clamoring for. Converstaion with consumers.

Point is, social media is a culture of transparency and honesty that must be embraced. And leading by example is one of the best ways to introduce a company. Or in this case, a centuries-old monarchy. Few things are better than a CEO, or a sovereign for that matter, that blogs or uses twitter.

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