Fall TV Premier Summary

Believe it or not, we’re getting close to the new Fall TV premier season.  Here’s a summary of a few of the upcoming new shows that seem to be generating the highest reviews.  All times are listed as central from the most recent schedules released this month.

Partners;  Mondays on CBS at 7:30p. A comedy about 2 lifelong friends and business partners whose bond has lasted longer than any of their girlfriends. Now that one of them is getting married they are worried about how their dynamic will change.

Elementary; Thurs on CBS at 9p. In a modern-day take on Sherlock Holmes, the iconic detective in this drama is taking on New York with a quirky female Watson.

The Mob Doctor; Mon 8p on FOX.  A female surgeon is split between two worlds as she juggles her career and her lifelong debt to the South Chicago mob.

Ben & Kate; Tues 7:30p on FOX. A comedy about a free spirited guy that moves in with his type-A, tightly wound sister and helps re-introduce her to the world.

The Mindy Project; Tues 8:30p on FOX.  A comedy following a young OB/GYN trying to navigate both her personal and professional life.

Go On; Tues on NBC at 8p.  While an irreverent sportscaster (Mathew Perry) tries to move on from loss he reluctantly finds solace from the members of his mandatory group therapy sessions.

The New Normal; Tues 8:30p central on NBC. A comedy about a gay couple who try to start a family with the help of a surrogate.

Nashville; Wed 9p central on ABC. A family soap follows two musicians against the backdrop of the Nashville music scene.

That’s just a sampling.  In all there are 18 shows premiering across the five broadcast networks this Fall  – with innumerable more on cable.  It’s always a gamble what will be a hit and what will be the first cancellation of the season!  Grab some popcorn and set aside some time in September to vote on your favorites!

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