Fish Heads, Fish Heads!

As an agency specializing in Journey Brands, CCT Advertising has spent the fall and winter planning and strategizing the right approach and campaign messaging for our travel and attractions clients. It’s now production time for many of those campaigns, as we get ready to launch in the summer leisure months.

This week we had a particularly fun time in production, as we shot TV for the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s Togwotee Trail campaign. WYDOT is nearing the end of a seven-year road construction project along one of the most popular roads to Yellowstone National Park.

One facet of the campaign is an awareness message to visitors along the Trail, letting them know about the innovative construction techniques and potential wait times on their journey.

Another facet, and what we focused on this week, is communicating to locals that by helping the tourists along the way – acting as Ambassadors – they’re also helping their towns continue to thrive during the construction. The approach in this year’s TV was to find a fun way to let the Ambassadors know that the construction is almost complete and to show appreciation for their support along the way.

How did we do that? Two words: Fish Heads. We hired a couple of talented Denver-based actors to actually wear foam-based fish “helmets” and take on the personas of Phil and Eddie, two Snake River Cut Throat Trout, living in the pristine waters of Wyoming. Phil informs Eddie that the Togwotee Trail construction project is nearly complete. This leads Eddie to the realization that fishermen are going to be back in full force and, consequently, after them. This was an entertaining way to communicate to our Ambassadors that it’s almost over and WYDOT appreciates everything they’ve done to keep the tourists happy and informed.

Enjoy the photos posted here, then be sure to come back soon to see the final spot when we post it in a couple of weeks.

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