5 Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes

If you want a relationship to work, you put forth the effort. Right? Well, think of Facebook as your new girlfriend and dive in when you are willing to commit.

An article on Mashable discusses five common Facebook marketing mistakes small businesses tend to make.

1) Broadcasting

Provide fans with relevant content and interact with customers on a continual basis as opposed to just broadcasting messages. Engage with fans through an authentic and meaningful experience. The fans have shown interest so give them a reason to stay.

2) Not Investing Adequate Time

It is common to underestimate the amount of time a successful Facebook strategy requires. Businesses that assume fans will come naturally must realize it takes a commitment and the Page must be updated and monitored constantly. If it is not, this will hurt not only fan growth but also existing fans.

3) Being Boring or Predictable

People like to share things they find funny, interesting, and useful so post content that your fans will find appealing. If posts become predictable, boring or annoying, fans will lose interest and hide you from their feed. Avoid this by mixing up your posts (videos, photos, tagging fans) and stay away from too much auto-published content.

4) Failing to Learn About Facebook Mechanics and Tools

Explore all of Facebook’s functionality. The tools to introduce a business are often misused or not used at all. The info tab is rarely utilized well and few small businesses create a custom welcome page. Also overlooked is Facebook Insights that provides an opportunity to analyze post-performance to see what types of content gets the most engagement.

5) Violating Facebook’s Terms

Educate yourself regarding the rules of the road. Some of the most common Facebook violations include building a community on a personal page instead of a proper business page, failing to abide by Facebook’s rules around running contests, and tagging people in an image without their permission.

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