The vocal online public as well as the professional design community breathed a sigh of relief after the Gap relented to public and professional opinion to nix their new logo.

The old logo on the right  was supposed to be replaced by the logo on the left.  It seems to me that a new logo, for any very visible national brand should get better not worse.

I for one am all for updating and making brands more relevant. But this attempt just didn’t work. The Gap was reported to have admitted a few mistakes on the way. A hasty leap to market without customer opinions for one and using crowdsourcing to create the new logo.

Crowdsourcing is a new idea in advertising where the project is opened up to anyone who thinks they can solve the problem. If they pick your idea you get paid. Everyone else is out in the cold. The issue with this approach is it usually doesn’t solve the problem it just litters the walls with mediocrity. No doubt companies will continue to crowdsource for ideas. There are even agencies that only practice crowdsourcing. Call me old fashioned but I still believe that working one on one with a client leads to better thinking and better solutions for their brand.

I do applaud what the Gap eventually did. Admit their mistake and revert back to their old logo. I admire humility.

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