GOCO Video Samples

Welcome, GOCO!

Hello, and welcome to your private page. Please enjoy this video portion of our RFP submission.

We’ve been doing a little thinking about your brand and our approach. In order to bring our insights to life for you, we hit the streets and talked to a few parents and kids about playing outdoors. We thought you would like to hear what they said. Then, we got inspired! So we put together what we like to call your brand manifesto. It’s just a little taste of the direction we could take if PILGRIM becomes your advertising partner—It’s not your campaign, just an exploration of the possibilities of where we could venture together. (You might even recognize some of the clips…)


Case Study Video Samples: Colorado Wildlife Council.

The Wildlife Council of Colorado hired us to help educate the general public about the economic and recreational benefits hunting and fishing bring to Colorado. We targeted non-hunters and anglers with a simple idea: Once you understand everything hunters and anglers do, you may want to … hug them. This message ran in TV, radio and online.



Case Study Video Samples: Rocky Mountain Health Plans.

For Rocky Mountain Health Plans we reminded locals that when you live in Colorado, there are some things you just “get.” With a humorous mix of “if you live here, you get it” scenarios, we poked a little fun at how life here can be quite different. And how a company from Colorado—Rocky Mountain Health Plans—was much better suited to provide for the needs of its home-town customers than an outsider. This campaign includes print, radio and retail displays.



Thanks for spending some time here. Before we say farewell, we wanted to share some of the other work that’s been keeping us busy lately. If you’d like to know more about anything you see here, let us know!