Bringing a classic ad campaign back to life: The Grey Poupon story

Grey Poupon "The Lost Footage" TV spot

After a 16-year hiatus, Grey Poupon launched a new TV spot that aired during the Oscars last Sunday night, reimagining the infamous “Pardon Me” spot from decades ago. (The first ad originally aired in 1981.) The new ad features a car chase scene a la James Bond, giving it a movie-esque feel perfect for the Oscars audience.

Although we don’t often see brands who have been out of advertising for 15+ years come back in full swing, Grey Poupon executed their campaign with much success. The luxury condiment brand received four times the social media conversations during the Oscars as compared to its daily average, and an increase of nearly 350% in consumer interest, according to Kontera, a social media analytics company.

These numbers are a clear sign the spot and its accompanying videos is a hit with Gen Xers and other social media consumers. The Grey Poupon marketing team also created buzz by leaking a trailer for the ad a week before the Oscars, and extended the life of the TV spot with online sweepstakes.

Grey Poupon capitalized on the traffic created for viewing the trailer before the spot aired, and for those who were searching to see the ad again: visiting or searching for Grey Poupon on brings up the 90-second version, “The Lost Footage.” The video has more than 1.33 million views to date. For those who want to win prizes from the campaign, there are clickable “Haute Spots” where you can click hidden spots within the video to reveal and win items including fine caviar and champagne flutes (and we all need more of these!).

Grey Poupon cut the mustard (pardon me) with this social media achievement.

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