PILGRIM helps put Colorado’s new health insurance marketplace on the map

Connect for Health Colorado Baseball Ad

When PILGRIM began working with Connect for Health Colorado in late 2012, most people had never heard of the state’s new health insurance marketplace, and even fewer understood what a healthcare exchange was.

In little more than a year, PILGRIM has helped Connect for Health Colorado launch its new brand, educate Coloradans on how to buy health insurance through the Marketplace, and drive tens of thousands of health insurance enrollments through the Marketplace.

In its first year of operation, Connect for Health Colorado has become one of Colorado’s most visible and utilized healthcare brands, welcoming over 1 million visitors to its website, responding to 315,734 calls and online chats, enrolling over 125,000 Coloradans in private health insurance, and supporting more than 150,000 Medicaid enrollments. 

Thanks to the PILGRIM campaign, more people now understand what Connect for Health Colorado is and does as well.  In an awareness survey conducted by Corona Insights before and after the campaign ran, 60% of Coloradans ages 18-64 now recognize the Connect for Health Colorado name, up from 19% before the advertising campaign began running. At the same time, 76% of people who are aware of the Connect for Health Colorado name now have a clear understanding of what the Marketplace does, up from 38% before the campaign ran.  

The advertising campaign PILGRIM created is built around the theme that Connect for Health Colorado is bringing more competition to health insurance, helping consumers win in the marketplace. Over time the campaign has evolved to focus on specific stories of customers who are saving time and money shopping for their health insurance through the exchange, and enjoying a wider variety of health plans to choose from. The statewide campaign created by PILGRIM includes TV, Radio, Outdoor, and Print media as well as Online Banners and Video, Facebook ads, SEM,Text, and Light Rail Wraps.

But the wok PILGRIM has created extends far beyond the initial advertising campaign. In the last year, PILGRIM has helped Connect for Health Colorado re-name itself, conduct message testing to 10 different target audiences, define the organization’s positioning and brand platform, create a new logo and identity system, write a three-year marketing plan, and design a new website.

To learn more about how PILGRIM has helped Connect for Health Colorado and other Journey brands transport or transform people, contact PILGRIM CEO Tom Leydon at [email protected],  or call Tom at 303-962-0841.



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