How PILGRIM convinced a celebrity cat to write his own blog

Bruce Life Masthead

Bruce the Cat, star of the recent AAA Colorado TV campaign, recently attained a new measure of celebrity when he began posting on his very own blog, aptly titled Bruce Life.

“He was such an interesting and funny character we thought he deserved his own tumblr,” explained Andy Mason PILGRIM art director, and brainchild of the campaign.

The blog takes advantage of an internet phenomenon:  cat videos and photos.  According to Jack Shepherd of The Guardian, “The internet is one giant, virtual cat park, its foundation is one of cat fur, and its currency is the meows of millions of kittens who lie patiently in wait for you on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.”

No one knows why cats are so popular on the internet, but Amy-Mae Elliott of Mashable has a theory.

“Cats ignore us, vomit on our carpets, drag in horrible things, demand food, want affection on their terms and stay out all night. Is sharing undignified cat content online our way of getting our revenge on the species?”

“Undignified” would be one way to describe the pics and videos posted on Bruce Life.  “Hilarious” would be another. Here are a a few of our favorites.


Cat Shirt


Dogs Can't Drive

Slashed Cat Tires

The goal of the tumblr is to connect with Millennials and deliver messages about AAA Colorado’s new roadside assistance service in a language they understand.  So far it seems to be working.

The campaign, which is being promoted through AAA Colorado’s social media channels, is getting lots of positive feedback from fans, including a growing number of Tumbler hearts (similar to Facebook likes), as well as an increasing number of re-posts.

You can check out all of the cattitude at




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