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Digital magazines on Tablet“Tablet is a 3-in-1 product, it’s the best of magazine, it’s the best of television, and it’s the best of online.” – Jeff Barlow, Sr. Director, Marketing Solutions & Innovation, Rogers

Tablet is another space in which consumers are consuming media and the key medium magazines are headed towards. While the term “magazine” implies something that is static, made of paper, and held in your hand. A Tablet is much more interactive and allows brands to take the creative assets from a magazine and tell a completely different story. These stories can link a user to e-commerce, social engagements, and ultimately increase brand loyalty.  This is a new brand experience that can be created by embedding Youtube or “how to” videos in within the digital content which then linking users to their Facebook or Twitter page. Tablet magazines are an amazing way to tell a story you in a way that can’t always do just in print.

Sportsnet Magazine’s ‘Cathedral Series’ is just one great tablet success story. When Canadian Cathedrals were at risk of being shut down, due to lack of funding and age. Sportsnet spotlighted their stories online and with tablet advertising by embedding videos of the community centers in the content. Molson Canadian got behind the project and it has already received 20,000 likes.

A digital magazine is a very different experience than a website. It changes how a consumer engages with the brand which is much more important than click through rates or cost per thousand. Ultimately, tablets may change the way we as advertisers think of and place print.

Tablet Magazines: The Best of Print & Digital

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