Internet Radio Options


Most everyone is familiar with Pandora these days – an internet radio service that lets you create your own radio stations that play only the music you like.

While Pandora has the largest share of internet radio listening, Spotify is gaining ground – particularly among teens and younger audiences – and many other contenders are out there including iHeart Radio, Slacker and TuneIn.

Internet radio can be used alone or in combination with more traditional terrestrial stations and listeners can access their accounts across their internet enabled devices in the car, on their phones or tablets and through their desktop device. And, just as advertisers can purchase online display units on the websites of traditional radio stations, internet radio can be purchased as audio spots – or it can be purchased like online display with targeted banners, tiles, video, and overlays. Depending on the platform, video ads can be static or animated, interactive and clickable.

Other advertising advantages:

  • Niche targeting capabilities including gender, age, zip code, and numerous behavioral psychographics including parents, foodies, homeowners, business influencers, etc.
  • Listeners may be less likely to tune out during commercials since internet services run limited commercials per hour, compared to the 10 minutes or more per hour on broadcast radio
  • Ratings information is available and buys are usually done on a cost-per-thousand basis with 100% delivery guarantee

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