McDonalds Social Media Campaign

You thought you may have seen every interactive outdoor campaign under the sun, right? Well, feast your senses on the deliciously ingenious idea to engage with potential customers that McDonald’s ran in Sweden. Here’s a little breakdown of the larger than life social media tactic.

Okay. The concept was a fairly simple one in that users get to control a billboard in a popular public square and turn it in to a personal game. It was called Pick ‘n Play. Passers by would use their smart phones to connect with the game. And by using a new technology, users could play the game (Pong. Yes, our beloved long lost Pong.) without having to download an app. Participants just had to go online with their phones, go to and the phone’s geolocation verified they were in the game area. Then they picked their favorite McDonald’s goodie (from several pics on the screen) and controled their paddle using their touch screen. Game on, Stockholm!

Now. If you lasted 30 seconds, you won your goodie of choice. A digital coupon was sent directly to your phone and that was that. Cool huh? And even though this Micky D’s promo only ran in Sweden got tons of PR all over the world. They’ll probably walk away with quite a load of medal to boot. We smell Gold Lion.


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