Media Definition of the Month: Out of Home

Defining moments

Media has a language all its own, with terminology that doesn’t always make sense to other marketing professionals. So on a regular basis, members of our media department are taking a few of those words and defining them for us. This month we define Out of Home and other media terms that everyone’s heard of, but few people outside of the media department understand.

  • Out of Home: Any type of advertising that reaches people when they are outside of their homes including outdoor bulletins, transit, bus benches, sides of buildings and more.
  • Facing: The direction a board is facing; if a location is facing East it means the board will reach consumers as they head West.
  • Billboards: For out-of-home media this refers to large format outdoor boards including bulletins and posters. This term is also used in broadcast to refer to a short sponsorship or ‘brought-to-you by’ mention.
  • Poster: Refers to the smaller outdoor displays, traditionally 12.3’ x 24.6’, normally found on side streets and secondary routes. Primarily sold in showings.
  • Bulletin: The largest outdoor format, typically 14’ x 48’ typically found on major highways and primary streets. Usually sold individually, these boards may be offered as a permanent location or on a shorter contract basis.
  • Showing: The number of panels required to reach a percentage of population daily; typically sold in 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% levels. IE: a 25 showing will theoretically reach 25% of the area population each day.

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