Media Lab: New Ideas From Ad Yapper, Integral Ad Science and Conde Nast.

The Media Lab

Every year the PILGRIM media team evaluates hundreds of new media vendors and opportunities. This month we put a spotlight on Ad Yapper, Integral Ad Science and other partners.

  • Ad Yapper: An advanced analytics platform that tracks online ad viewability. Working independently of ad exchanges, networks and servers, they work to identify non-viewable and fraudulent impressions in an ad schedule to help advertisers focus on the highest performing human impressions.
  • Integral Ad Science: An independent third-party media valuation platform that tracks metrics such as ad viewability, ad fraud, brand safety, geo-compliance and contextual relevance to help asses the value of each ad opportunity.
  • Conde Nast Local: Ads can be placed in Condé Nast publications on a local level in at least 100 markets throughout the United States and Canada. Titles include Allure, Bon Appétit, Epicurious, GQ, Self, The New York and Vogue among others. Ads are placed in subscriber copies only and must be full page.

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