Media Lab: New Ideas From NUVI, Sharethru and SpotXchange.

The Media Lab

Every year the PILGRIM media team evaluates hundreds of new media vendors and opportunities. This month we put a spotlight on NUVI, Sharethrough and other partners.

  • NUVI: A real time analytics platform for social media. Their browser-based application makes social conversations on the web actionable and insightful using elegant dashboards and unique visualizations that allow brands to engage with customers, leverage conversations, track the progress of marketing campaigns and monitor their competition.
  • Sharethrough: A leading native advertising distribution platform that distributes an advertiser’s branded content (video, editorial, custom content, Pinterst page, Vine Videos, etc.) into the editorial feeds of trusted publishers allowing for meaningful impressions and interactions beyond standard online display units.
  • SpotXchange: A digital vendor dedicated solely to pre-roll digital video reaching over 335+ million unique impressions globally. Integrated with over 10,000 national publisher sites, they offer national reach as well as localized targeting in a 100% transparent platform with a multitude of targeting options.

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