Media Services

The PILGRIM media department has in-depth experience planning and buying both direct response and awareness/brand campaigns nationally, regionally, and locally. All planning and buying is handled in-house by our professionally trained and certified media team and we have direct experience with virtually every media vehicle from television, radio and out-of-home to online display, SEM, social media, mobile, video and emerging technologies. We also handle all online ad serving in-house and staff an in-house online trading desk providing programmatic buying and real-time bidding (RTB) across all major ad exchanges as well as granular reporting and total placement transparency. Our expertise also encompasses niche, non-traditional, grass roots and guerilla marketing tactics including corporate sponsorships, cinema & product placement, sports tie-ins, sampling opportunities, video on demand, promotional extensions and more.


The PILGRIM media philosophy is to add value throughout the entire marketing process by providing well researched, on-target, strategic direction utilizing the optimum media mix that best delivers each intended audience as well as media that stands out, breaks through the clutter, and provides the best possible delivery of the creative content. To add value, we must ensure that all plans work seamlessly with the rest of the marketing plan to drive results. This entails recommending efficient vehicles that reach the correct audience at the right time in the right environment; delivering cost effective placement through strong negotiations; researching, evaluating and negotiating enhancements that extend our client’s budget over and beyond their paid advertising schedule, continually monitoring, adjusting and optimizing schedules to ensure that they actually deliver the intended audience; and providing complete back-end support including detailed invoice reconciliation and post-buy analysis to insure every dollar and impression is properly tracked and accounted for.


All members of the PILGRIM media team undergo a detailed certification program to ensure a consistent level of service and knowledge across all media categories. Certification requires completion of multiple media modules covering all aspects of offline and online media.

Media Buying & Execution:

As the steward of the majority of most advertising budgets, the PILGRIM media department continually strives to deliver innovative and strategic solutions to maximize advertising ROI and break through the clutter while delivering the maximum possible value for each advertising dollar. With escalating technology, rising media costs, a growing economy and increasingly savvy consumers, it is imperative that each advertising/marketing program stand out from the crowd. Advertisers must be smarter than ever before. They must be shrewd with their media dollars and they must design programs that allow those dollars to stretch beyond pure media delivery.

Schedules can’t just look good on paper. They must produce results. While negotiation will always be a cornerstone of our success, knowing what each placement is really worth is equally important.

Traditional Media:

PILGRIM offers a deep history across all traditional and offline media options. We understand the challenges and nuances of each individual tactic and how to turn those to our advantage to enhance performance, conserve dollars and outsmart the competition.

We use best in class research and industry software combined with unrelenting enthusiasm and tenacity to pinpoint audiences and provide creative solutions that stand out from the crowd while always striving to maximize value and minimize expense.

Capabilities include:

  • Network and Local Television
  • Network, Regional, Local and Zoned Cable
  • Spot Radio
  • Promotional Extensions
  • Digital and Traditional Outdoor
  • Transit (Shelters, Light Rail, Buses)
  • Place Based (Bars, Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Pharmacies…)
  • National and Local Newspaper
  • Consumer and Business to Business Magazines
  • On-Screen and In-Lobby Cinema
  • Grass Roots and Guerrilla