New PILGRIM campaign helps AAA attract next generation of members

With over 500,000 members, AAA Colorado is the state’s largest automobile club. To sustain and grow those numbers, AAA’s marketing team knew they would need to attract a new generation of members, with additional benefits that appealed to younger drivers. But figuring out which benefits would motivate Gen X drivers wouldn’t be easy. So AAA engaged PILGRIM to execute the agency’s Brand Ignition Point research process and let prospective members tell AAA which benefits they preferred. The result was a revamped menu of benefits  and a new ad campaign targeted to drivers ages 33-45.  (To see more AAA commercials in this campaign, scroll to the bottom of this post.)

The campaign stars Matt the AAA guy asking drivers how they would reinvent roadside assistance. These drivers imagine a future where AAA can deliver roadside assistance that covers hovercrafts, has the ability to beam people home with Star Trek-like technology, and services cars driven by cats. By commercial’s end, Matt brings these members back to reality with more down-to-earth, and valuable benefits that are available right now from AAA.  These benefits include pickup service for members who break down on their bicycles, onsite battery testing and replacements which can be scheduled in advance,  and new monthly payment plans starting as low as $7.25 a month.

The campaign’s TV commercials were shot and directed by Jamie Sterber at Buzzsaw in Santa Monica, CA, and are airing on all the 4 broadcast networks, as well as 15 major cable channels, including AMC, CW, History, TNT, USA, Lifestyle and (of course) SyFy. In addition to the TV spots, the campaign also includes Radio, OOH and Digital ads which will run through the end of the year.

AAA Colorado is the state’s largest provider of roadside assistance services, and is also the largest provider of insurance products and travel services in the state. In addition, the club provides member discounts and savings at over 164,000 hotels, restaurants, retail stores and other businesses worldwide to its members.

PILGRIM is a Denver-based advertising and digital marketing firm dedicated to Journey brands: products and services that transport or transform people. In addition to AAA Colorado, PILGRIM clients include the Butterfly Pavilion, Colorado Wine Country/Grand Junction VCB, Connect for Health Colorado, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, Pet Aid Colorado, The Wildlife Council and The Women’s College. For more information, contact PILGRIM CEO Tom Leydon at [email protected] or call 303-531-7180.

AAA Colorado “Pedicure” TV Spot from PILGRIM on Vimeo.

AAA Colorado “Bike” TV Spot from PILGRIM on Vimeo.


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