Art Director | Experience: 2 years
Andy Mason

If you meet Andy at a company outing, avoid challenging him to a party game of any kind. Because Andy is really good at what he calls “meaningless sports:” badminton, racquetball, darts, ping pong…you get the idea. Clients like working with Andy because he knows when to sit back and listen and when to stand up and shout (figuratively speaking). We like Andy because he keeps the mood light in the creative department (his laughter is infectious), and he delivers under pressure. Andy has an intense desire to learn new design techniques and technology tricks. He also claims to have groundbreaking dance moves, although we have found no witnesses to verify that claim. Andy has worked on a wide variety of brands in his young career, including AAA, Connect for Health Colorado, Colorado Wine Country, Mini USA and others. In his free time, Andy likes music, snowboarding, spending time with his dog Remy, and, in his words, “attempting to cook.”