PILGRIM Campaigns Win at Denver Fifty

Denver fifty PILGRIM creative teams walked away with 2 awards at this year’s Denver 50 award show, held January 29th at the Colorado History Museum. The winning campaigns were created for Connect for Health Colorado and the Pet Overpopulation Fund.

The Connect for Health Colorado entry is a YouTube video designed to convince “Young Invincible” males ages 26-32 that they need health insurance at a time in their lives when most believe they’ll never get sick. The video features local skateboarder champ Julian Christianson landing some sick jumps and nasty wipe-outs, cut to a remix track from a local DJ. While Julian is performing his jumps, some supers appear on screen reminding young men that doing skateboard tricks like these isn’t as crazy doing them without health insurance.  The campaign has helped drive over 900,000 visits to the Connect for Health Colorado website, and nearly 70,000 enrollments.

The Pet Overpopulation campaign is built a round a simple idea: Pets are not disposable. The message, delivered in direct mail, posters, TV and dumpster clings, reminds people that over 26,000 homeless pets were euthanized in Colorado last year. The ads then encourage people to donate via a state checkoff program on their state tax forms. Since its start, the program has been awarded $1.6 million in grants to subsidize over 45,000 pet sterilization surgeries.

Colorado Pet Fund

The Denver 50 is considered one of the toughest award shows in the country, because it is judged by creative directors from some of America’s top ad agencies, and only allows 50 pieces in the entire show. That’s a fraction of the number of awards given out by most other local award shows around the country.


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