Promoting Clients Through Pinterest

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Pinterest.  I have a longstanding joke with a friend that I am not part of the Pinterest demographic because I am not planning a wedding nor am I Betty Homemaker.  Whether you fit into the target demo, which according to comScore consists of mostly females ages 25-54, you have to admit that Pinterest has proven that it is in fact a force to be reckoned with. To me, it seems that Pinterest is a lot like window shopping. If you think of it in terms of advertising, it is not as blatant and out front as Facebook or Google Adwords.  With Pinterest, you’re simply clicking image after image. If done correctly, you can have followers connect with your brand either directly to the site which is very effective if you have an e-commerce site, or you can gain brand recognition through how you maintain your company’s Pinterest account.

Social media blogger Jeff Bullas has some great information about Pinterest marketing.  Below are a few of his suggestions:

1. Create an Online Catalog

You can organize your goods and services into categories aka boards and create an online catalog. Michael’s has done a great job at organizing goods into various categories that allow you to visit the website directly.  Not only that but Michael’s has a Pinterest icon on every page on its site.  You can also categorize and pin ideals, mission statements and aspirations that reflect what your brand stands for, see Whole Foods.

2. Promote the “culture” of your Business

If you work somewhere particularly cool, why not include photos of company parties, work functions and other social events? We seek brands that foster community and enrichment and employees often reflect these ideals.

3. Pin videos

Back in the day, videos took you off the site to Youtube.  Now, you can easily watch “pinned” videos without leaving the site. According to TechCrunch, Pinterest now has Vimeo integration as well.  With that, there are endless possibilities for brand promotion using videos. The sky’s the limit.

4. Contests – Pin, pin, pin!

The Daily Muse found a great contest that creates a deeper level of engagement with followers. held a contest where they asked followers to create a “Pin it if You Love It” board with at least 10 favorite homes pinned from the website. Upon creating the board, the user is automatically entered to win a home improvement gift certificate for $250. Contests help foster continued engagement with your brand.

With that said, Pinterest is still relatively new if used as a marketing tactic. Like its social media counterparts, a Pinterest campaign requires due diligence and continual upkeep.  It’s also important to note that it may not benefit every brand.  Today, Pinterest remains a topic for discussion whether it really is a dominate player in the social realm for advertisers. What do you think?

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