‘Triple Crown’ TV

How do you educate 5.1 million Coloradans about the benefits of Connect for Health Colorado, the state’s new health insurance marketplace at a time when only 1 in 10 people interviewed understand what an insurance exchange is or how it works? PILGRIM employed consumer benefit testing to help craft a message designed to motivate target audiences across the state. That message is simple: When health insurance companies compete, consumers and small businesses win. The campaign reminds Coloradans that over half a million people in our state will qualify for exclusive premium reductions through the exchange, and drives them to a website where they can calculate their potential savings. The campaign ran in both English and Spanish in the months leading up to the exchange’s opening in October. And includes statewide: TV, Radio, Print, Bus, Light Rail Wraps and Search Engine Marketing.

Client: Connect for Health CO Categories: TV/Radio Website: www.connectforhealthco.com