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Giving Thanks

We’re Pilgrims. So we can’t just let Thanksgiving roll by without grabbing the turkey by the leg. In other words, we seized the opportunity to do something special for our clients.

The thought was, let’s show our clients we are thankful for them, and give them an opportunity to pay it forward, to someone they are thankful for. So we gave them two pies; one to keep, one to give away.

We designed two pie boxes that worked together. Cut into the cardboard of one box was the word “Thanks” and copy beneath that about thanks. On the other box was the word “Giving” and copy beneath that about giving. If you put the two boxes next to each other they said “Thanks Giving” and the copy underneath formed complete sentences that continued across both boxes. It was like two pieces of a puzzle that stood on their own, but formed a whole story when fit together.

We encouraged our clients to share on social media their story of who they gave their pie to and why they were thankful, using the hashtag #wearepilgrim.

We’re pretty sure some people kept both pies—they were really delicious!

Client: PILGRIM Categories: Promotional/Collateral