Smash Putt in RINO District

When I was a kid I used to play mini-golf in my back yard. I would try to set up obstacles with random tools and supplies I found in my dad’s shop. My dad seemed less interested with my budding putt-putt ingenuity and more concerned with his newly rusted equipment. Looking back, I guess he was lucky I wasn’t into driving ranges.

Being a lifetime miniature golf enthusiast, I was ashamed to be a late-learner of Smash Putt, the new temporary course located just a block away from CCT. Luckily I still have some time to go check it out.

It has been described as a convergence of mini-golf and mechanical mayhem, and seems to be as much an art installment as a mini-golf course. Before you play, you must sign a waiver. The course is chalk-full of dynamic devices such as turntables, foosball men, golf-ball cannons, catapults and a fully stocked bar.

Don’t miss out, Smash Putt is in Denver through February 14th. Tickets can be purchased at

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