Social Gaming Not To Be Ignored

FarmVille, Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Mafia Wars, World of Warcraft. Chances are no matter your age or gender, you have heard someone talking about at least one of these games. I am not a “gamer” myself but I do have to say I am curious to know what all the hype is about and who is playing these games. And thank you, Alec Baldwin, for being the perfect example of how addicted one can get to these games.

Considering social stereotypes about people who play games, it might be surprising to some that a survey reported the average social gamer to be a 43 year old woman and that 55% of social gamers are female. Other interesting statistics according to Mashable are that 35% of social gamers have no previous gaming experience and 1 in 5 Americans over the age of 6 has played an online social game…that’s nearly 60 million Americans! What amazes me is that these gamers are spending real money on virtual things. Experts predict that 6 billion dollars will be spent by internet users on virtual goods in 2013. Amazing.

Adweek reports that in-game advertising reached $1 billion in spending last year in North America and industry analysts expect it to top $7.2 billion by 2016. Adweek also references a study that found gamers spend an average of 13 hours a week on social networks and an average of 9.5 hours a week on social games. The study also noted that social gamers are open to advertising and they’re okay with viewing in-game ads to earn virtual currency.

We at CCT Advertising, a Denver based ad agency focusing on 5 to 9 brands, will continue to monitor the progression of the social gaming industry and the advertising opportunities that are available. I guess that also means we will probably need to spend several hours experimenting with these games to fully understand the product. Angry Birds here I come.


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