Social Media: Getting closer to key prospects

When I am reading a creative brief, I immediately want to get in the key prospects head, get close to how they think. It’s probably due to the fact I’m a frustrated thespian by heart. But in today’s rapidly changing marketing landscape, the consumer is smarter and more demanding. These consumers want to see the human side of a business or organization, no matter how many employees or chains they’ve got, they want to see how the business operates. They also want to talk about what they like and what they think are interesting and experience with what the business offers. Social media let’s them have a voice and that can be used for us to understand them more, to closer to what they want.
In this age of real time communication, people trust their friends, teachers, mentors and family suggestions about a company, more than anything else. With Facebook, Twitter and other portals, they can get this information quickly. Social media is an effective way to connect our clients with their target audience in real time. Utilizing word-of-mouth, advocating and referral actions are now all part of our marketing strategy to get our clients closer to their prospects and visa versa. As a creative, this opens more ways of executing the concept in reaching our clients key prospect.
We are in the early stages of a fundamental shift in how our business industry thinks, which is exciting. Traditional advertising is still effective but now we can combine it with an effective social media game plan to create an overall integrated marketing campaign. Social media is new and it is not going anywhere. This will help our 5 to 9 branded clients reach their marketing goals.

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