Working as an Art Director at Denver-based advertising agency CCT, I am immersed daily in social media, and it would be difficult to argue that it comes without distractions. CCT is known for having leisure marketing specialists. But between checking Facebook status updates, tweeting about a sandwich, and letting the world know that you are the mayor of your local dive-bar on Foursquare, social media can often become an infinite fragmented nightmare of obsessive-compulsive behaviors. And you can quickly forget what we’re specializing in.

That aside, infographics are used to present data in a digestible, engaging format. Social media contributes to the agglomeration of data, where information can be transformed into attractive posters, where a visual learner like myself can become obsessed with something other than Facebook. I have delved deep into subjects such as economy, ecology, and geography to name a few, where compiling info through traditional media would have only resulted in a “scraped surface”.

Earlier this year I stumbled upon the blog Information is Beautiful, and since then I check it weekly, and the amount of information I retain after visiting trumps reading a newspaper or magazine article. Today I learned that the United States is larger than China in surface area and both countries would fit with ease inside Africa. Read more on The True Size of Africa.

Check out the post on Mashable: 10 Beautiful Social Media Infographics. It will give you a visual grasp on trends, involvement, and demographics in the landscape of today’s social media. Fascinating stuff.

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