Social Media Logo Explosion

I came across an article titled 25 Inspiring Logo Ideas for Social Media Networking Sites.

It got me thinking. Social media sites have become an institution, and every site has thousands of apps or support sites. Each one of these has a logo. When it comes to logos, I am old school. I like logos that are simple, have a strong concept and have a timeless quality.

I felt that a lot of the logos posted were over designed. In my opinion, adding gloss or a gradient to the Apple logo doesn’t make it better. Of the 25 social networking logos, these are my favorites:

The girlhive logo is clean and iconic. Great choice of colors.

Elephant talk has a strong concept, and they did a great job making the simple illustration look like an elephant.

This one is much trendier in style, but it is fun and quickly illustrates the purpose of the site.


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