Social media on a shoestring

If you’re like most clients, you’re probably asking: “Do I have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and several staff members to make my social media program successful? Depending on your ambitions, the answer could be yes. Or no. Consider Kogi Korean Barbecue.

This mobile food cart travels around Los Angeles selling Korean tacos.  They were one of the first restaurant brands to build up an impressive Twitter following, first of all  by offering yummy food that has a cult following among loyal patrons. Second, by broadcasting the times and locations where their truck will be stopping that day to their almost 89,000 Twitter followers.

How did they get all those Twitter followers? The old fashioned way:  They gave each customer their Twitter handle, and posted it on their truck, their menu and their home page. To engage their social media audience, they also ran simple promotions and giveaways, like a contest to design a new t-shirt for the restaurant. On their wordpress website, their owner writes a blog on Asian culture that is truly fascinating. On the site, they feature high quality, close up shots of their favorite dishes. And their trucks.

Learning:  Start with a  great product and develop a personality people are genuinely interested in. Use existing customer touchpoints to spread the news of your social sites. Make your content more sharable by creating simple tools like contests to engage your audience, and to encourage them to spread the news about your brand.

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