Spring Interns are Here!

PILGRIM's Spring Interns
At PILGRIM our interns are a vital part of our agency. They get real world experience in a small agency environment and we get fresh new perspectives. Meet our new Spring Creative and Digital Interns!


Spring Intern Evan
Evan Weiland: Creative Intern

Hometown: All Over, CO
Education: Graphic Design & Fine Arts Major – CSU

Literally living in almost every city in CO, Evan proudly calls himself a “Colorado Native.” When he was younger he was a nationally ranked tennis player and won a Schwan’s ice cream sandwich eating contest. When Evan isn’t busy in our creative department, he keeps creative in other ways, with pottery, woodworking and cooking.


Spring Intern Andy

Andy Mason: Creative Intern
Hometown: Denver, CO
Education: Studio Art Major & Business Minor – CU

Andy is quite the athlete, when it comes to “useless sports” as he says, Racquetball, Ping-Pong, Skee-ball and Darts! And if you ever need a costume, he would be your best bet. Andy likes to find any excuse he can to dress up or have costume parties. If Andy could have a super power, he would want to be Spider-Man… maybe he already has the costume.


Spring Intern Ryan

Ryan Lasswell: Digital Intern
Hometown: Lakewood, CO
Education: Architecture Major – CU

Ryan loves his transition from the suburbs to city living. He still likes to get out and enjoy the mountains by backpacking and snowboarding. Ryan became interested in digital advertising through graphic layouts and the building environments side of his architecture. When Ryan isn’t working on our digital projects, he likes to indulge in a hot cup of cappuccino.


Spring Intern Scott

Scott McCauliffe: Digital Intern
Hometown: Upstate New York/Parker, CO
Education: Graphic Design Major – The Community College of Denver

Scott spent the majority of his life in the northeast, but now calls Colorado home. When he’s not interning and finishing school, he likes to go hiking, fishing and work on publishing his own comic book. Scot has also, had his photography published in the Westword! When asked what his superpower would be, Scott said, he would like to be able to teleport.

If you’re interested in an internship opportunity at PILGRIM, stay tuned for our future openings.

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