Storyscaping: Stories. Evolved.

imgStoryScapingHeroStorytelling is defined as the sharing of events with words, images, sounds, and/or experiences, sometimes with improvisation or embellishment. As advertisers, we leverage stories to drive behavior. Sometimes, we use other stories as inspiration; other times, we create brand new stories.

Storyscaping is creating multi-dimensional stories, that impact consumers physical, emotional, and virtual space.

Storyscaping is not revolutionizing storytelling, but rather the evolution of storytelling – creating stories, not just telling them. Experiencing a story has a far greater impact than hearing a story.

SapientNitro’s Gaston Legorburu and Darren Mcoll are responsible for coining the term and bringing the conversation about the way in which we tell stories to the forefront. Learn more about this fascinating topic in this video from Gaston Legorburu.



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