Super Bowl Ads in a Social World

It used to be that marketing-savvy TV viewers got as much enjoyment out of watching the Super Bowl ads as they did the big game itself. Part of the appeal was the anticipation of seeing some of the year’s best TV advertising in one sitting.

But in recent years, millions of viewers have gone to You Tube and other social sites to see the Super Bowl commercials before they run on TV. Because the trend among Super Bowl advertisers in the last several years has been to release a prequel of their Super Bowl spots to media outlets and on their social sites days before they air on television.

Most Super Bowl advertisers have embraced the practice of releasing their commercials early because it gives them an opportunity to extend the life of their commercials well beyond the one or two showings they get on Super Sunday.

More importantly, prequels of Super Bowl spots are a great way to generate buzz and millions of views of a commercial before and after the big game even happens.  And recent research seems to bear out this theory.

A recent study by social media agency Unruly found that three quarters of last year’s 20 most watched Super Bowl ads were released online before the game, lending support for the belief that an early release of a Super Bowl spot encourages more views and shares. An early release of an ad also seems to create more staying power.  The same study found that more than half of the social shares of last year’s Super Bowl ads came a month or more after the game ended.

So how much did the early release of some of this year’s Super Bowl TV spots affect their popularity? Here’s a list of the Top 10 most viewed 2013  Super Bowl ads on You Tube, the morning after the big game. All of the Top 10 were released 2-7 days before Sunday’s game. You can watch all of the top viewed commercials here. 

Top 10 Most Viewed Super Bowl Ads

(Registered the morning after Super Bowl XVLII)

1. Toyota Rav 4 Wishes  13,465,943 views

2. Volkswagon Get In Get Happy 8,714,133 views

3. Samsung Galaxy Next Big Thing 8,488,219 views

4. Audi Prom 7,829,877 views

5. Go Daddy Perfect Match 6,713,539 views

6. Mercedes Kate Upton 6,656,423 views

7. Budweiser Clydesdales Brotherhood 6,151,679 views

8. Hyundai Santa Fe Team 6,004,095 views

9. Soda Stream Coke vs. Pepsi 3,914,234 views

10. Mercedes Soul 3,659,700 views


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