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Is Online the Future for Radio?

People love to make forecasts and predictions, especially in our industry.  As a Denver based advertising agency, CCT Advertising is always keeping an eye on current trending and is constantly evaluating the movement towards all things digital that is keeping the predication meter at an all time high.

One subject there’s been a lot of chatter about over the past couple of years is how terrestrial radio listening will change in the digital world.

Growing Mobile App Industry Creates Opportunity for Advertisers

It was just two years ago when Apple launched their App Store and the mobile app craze began. Now mobile users can find an app for almost anything whether for practical purposes such as the weather and news or for pure entertainment value such as a fog horn or whoopee cushion. As leisure marketing specialists, that’s good news for the gang here at CCT Advertising. Apple now has hundreds of thousands of apps for our clients’ customers, while Google’s growing Android Market has tens of thousands available to smartphone subscribers.