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Insurance Exchange Hires PILGRIM

The Colorado Health Benefit Exchange has hired PILGRIM to develop advertising and digital marketing for the organization tasked with establishing Colorado’s first online insurance exchange.

Visit Laramie picks PILGRIM

The Albany County (Wyoming) Tourism Board has hired PILGRIM as agency of record for its Visit Laramie brand.

5 campaigns featured in Denver 50

As its name applies, the Denver 50 honors the 50 best advertising and marketing ideas that were created in the Rocky Mountain West this year. The low number of winning entries makes it one of the toughest regional award shows in the country. So all of the folks at CCT Advertising were excited to learn that for the the second straight year the judges selected 5 CCT campaign ideas to feature in this year’s show, ranking CCT among the top award winners in the region. Here are those entries:

A special holiday message

Season’s greetings. Check out this holiday treat put together for you by the creative department and get into the spirit of things. We sure did.


Happy Holidays from CCT. from CCT Advertising on Vimeo.

Beyond Banners

We’re all familiar with traditional banner ads.  The 728×90 leaderboard, 300×250 medium rectangle and the 160×600 skyscraper to name a few.  But what else is out there?  What can an advertiser pull out of the toolbox to stand out from the clutter and get noticed?  Here’s a top line overview of a few of the media options in use today.

Will our phones replace our wallets?

Is it that outrageous to think phones could replace our wallets in the near future? No, but when will it actually happen? Who knows but PayPal boldly predicts the wallet will be dead by 2015. Their thought is digital currency will be accepted everywhere in the U.S. so we will no longer need to carry a wallet. 2015 might be a little ambitious but with the growing acceptance of Near Field Communications technology, we should be aware of what the future holds.

How Ad Exchanges Work

I came across a great article by Josh Dreller in iMedia Connection not too long ago that gives a straightforward explanation of ad exchanges. In a nutshell, Josh states that more and more online inventory is being purchased via ad exchanges – platforms allowing advertisers to bid on impressions.  As with paid search, exchange ad inventory is determined by what the market is willing to pay.

Fish Heads, Fish Heads!

As an agency specializing in Journey Brands, CCT Advertising has spent the fall and winter planning and strategizing the right approach and campaign messaging for our travel and attractions clients. It’s now production time for many of those campaigns, as we get ready to launch in the summer leisure months.

This week we had a particularly fun time in production, as we shot TV for the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s Togwotee Trail campaign. WYDOT is nearing the end of a seven-year road construction project along one of the most popular roads to Yellowstone National Park.

We sponsor Rockies opening day parade for people skipping work


Each year, thousands of Coloradoans risk their jobs and careers by calling in sick to attend the Rockies home opener.

Reality TV. We can deny it, but we want it.

Why is it that we can’t turn away from reality TV? Do we really care if Brad Womack falls in love? And what does it say that Mike “The Situation” is up there with the Merriam-Webster definition of situation in an organic search? If you don’t recognize these names, congratulations. If you do, join America’s obsession with reality TV.

Is Online the Future for Radio?

People love to make forecasts and predictions, especially in our industry.  As a Denver based advertising agency, CCT Advertising is always keeping an eye on current trending and is constantly evaluating the movement towards all things digital that is keeping the predication meter at an all time high.

One subject there’s been a lot of chatter about over the past couple of years is how terrestrial radio listening will change in the digital world.

CCT creative work honored at the Denver 50 award show

CCT Advertising is proud to have been honored with five winning entries in last night’s Denver 50 Awards.

Every year, the New Denver Advertising Club dispenses with the old-school trophies, media categories and rubber chicken banquet dinner.  Instead, it honors the 50 best creative ideas brought forth by the advertising and marketing community during the year.  Props to the CCT team members who made the following award-winning ideas come to life in 2010: campaign

The Decade’s Best Advertising Icons?

OK, so we all had our share of those “year in review” stories that dominated the headlines a few weeks ago.  But as studied advertising professionals, we couldn’t resist this list of the top 10 advertising icons from the previous decade.  Like ’em or hate ’em, you have to admire the power of an effective icon to get your brand noticed.

According to AdAge, the most influential ad icons from the past 10 years included the following icons.

The Decade's Best Advertising Icons

The Changing Face of Television

These days, there’s an abundance of information about consumer’s continued migration to the online and mobile world.  But what does that mean for the more traditional world of Television? As a Denver ad agency that specializes in leisure marketing, we know that the TV world has changed.  Instead of a limited choice of programming we now have an abundance of cable options, video-on-demand, DVR’s, online video content, and instantly available movies streamed directly to your set.  We can now watch pretty much whatever we want, whenever we want.