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Storytelling at the 2014 Colorado Governor’s Tourism Conference

Storytelling was a major theme at this year’s Colorado Governor’s Tourism Conference. The annual gathering attracted members of the state’s $17 billion tourism industry, for discussions, training and networking. Judging from the content of several presentations, the concept of storytelling could be playing a bigger role in how travel brands market themselves.

Experiential Marketing: How even small events can make a big impact.

PILGRIM employees recently helped reenact a classic video game race in Downtown Denver. Not only was it an entertaining event, it was also a very clever marketing stunt.

The race was a perfect example of “Experiential Marketing”, also known as engagement marketing, or participation marketing: where consumers are invited and encouraged to participate first hand in the evolution of a brand. 

Creating a Different Kind of Holiday Cheer Through Social Media

Kegs with Legs 1

How do you break through the holiday clutter without breaking your holiday budget? The PILGRIM digital and creative teams decided to raise awareness for an annual industry event hosted by PILGRIM using an unconventional campaign concept that utilized social media as its primary medium.

5 Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes

If you want a relationship to work, you put forth the effort. Right? Well, think of Facebook as your new girlfriend and dive in when you are willing to commit.

Is Online the Future for Radio?

People love to make forecasts and predictions, especially in our industry.  As a Denver based advertising agency, CCT Advertising is always keeping an eye on current trending and is constantly evaluating the movement towards all things digital that is keeping the predication meter at an all time high.

One subject there’s been a lot of chatter about over the past couple of years is how terrestrial radio listening will change in the digital world.

CCT creative work honored at the Denver 50 award show

CCT Advertising is proud to have been honored with five winning entries in last night’s Denver 50 Awards.

Every year, the New Denver Advertising Club dispenses with the old-school trophies, media categories and rubber chicken banquet dinner.  Instead, it honors the 50 best creative ideas brought forth by the advertising and marketing community during the year.  Props to the CCT team members who made the following award-winning ideas come to life in 2010: campaign

Brand Equity: Does it Matter?

In today’s hyper-competitive marketing world, the concept of brand equity seems like a sleepy concept left over from your first Marketing 101 class.  With so many new media outlets competing for our A.D.D.-riddled attention spans, isn’t marketing today more about immediate gratification, “hits,” “likes” and “follows?”  In this environment, who really cares about a dated concept like brand equity today?

From T-Squares to Twitters

I really enjoy my job.  Generating ideas is fun. Executing is fun. Getting great results for our clients is fun. But what makes it real fun is observing how our industry adapts to change.

Growing Mobile App Industry Creates Opportunity for Advertisers

It was just two years ago when Apple launched their App Store and the mobile app craze began. Now mobile users can find an app for almost anything whether for practical purposes such as the weather and news or for pure entertainment value such as a fog horn or whoopee cushion. As leisure marketing specialists, that’s good news for the gang here at CCT Advertising. Apple now has hundreds of thousands of apps for our clients’ customers, while Google’s growing Android Market has tens of thousands available to smartphone subscribers.